Radiographic Inspection

Services offered by MISTRAS Group Ltd

A source of ionising radiation positioned at on one side of item to be inspected, and a photographic film placed in close proximity to the other side. The radiation is partly absorbed during transmission and differences in material thickness or absorption qualities are recorded on the film giving a full-size image showing internal detail. The higher the Material density more radiation absorbtion will occur.

Processed films are called radiographs, Industrial radiography requires X-rays or gamma rays to reveal hidden flaws in solid objects. X-ray radiography is generated electrically by means of a high voltage X-ray tube. Gamma rays are produced by the natural disintegration of nuclei in a radioactive isotope. Common types being Iridium 192 and Cobalt 60. Radiography's main benefits are that it provides a non-destructive method of detecting hidden flaws in materials and fabrications and provides a permanent record. Radiography is particularly good at detecting volumetric flaws such as voids, gas pores and solid inclusions, It is also good at determining the nature and dimensions (length and width) of flaws - however it cannot be used to measure through-thickness of defects.

Services Available:

  • Raytech Super X2000 9MeV Linear Accelerator Manipulator mounted giving total flexibility during examination, capable of penetrating section thickness up to 610mm
  • 2 off Tech Ops 120 curie Cobalt 60 isotope
  • 1 off Tech Ops 120 curie Iridium 192 isotope
  • 2 off Rigaku Portable 300 Kva panoramic X-ray Set.
  • 6 off Rigaku Portable 300 Kva Directional X-ray Set.4 off Philips 300 Kva Directional X-ray Set
  • 2 off Philips 200 Kva Directional X-ray Set
  • 4 off 40' Transportable darkrooms
  • 2 Radiography Bays configured with Cobalt 60 up to 120 curies, Ir 192 up to 120 curies and our latest acquisition a 9MeV LINAC capable of penetrating up to 610mm.
  • Both bays are equipped with heavy lifting equipment and the main storage area is also equipped with a 30 ton capacity overhead crane, transfer boogies in to the bays plus a forklift for loading and unloading.
  • A large storage area (60m x 30m) within the building. Large access door to the building allow vehicles in to the storage area for ease of loading and unloading