Comprehensive Solutions

Sucess in today's competitive business environment requires the cost-effective assurance of asset integrity. MISTRAS utilise the most economical solutions while employing highly-trained professionals, state-of-the-art tools, and sophisticated data analysis.

MISTRAS has offered the broadest range of NDT (Non-Destructive testing) services for more than 40 years. With a network of UK-wide regional offices, our staff is fully equipped and capable to provide whatever monitoring and testing solutions your industry requires. Our never-ending commitment to continous improvement equals enhanced safety, increased productivity and reduced costs for customers.

These extensive service capabilities make MISTRAS the ideal one-source provider for monitoring and inspection solutions, eliminating the ancillary costs multiple vendors entail and allowing customers to be as streamlined and effcient as possible. Simply put, MISTRAS saves you money while ensuring the standards are met.

Not only do MISTRAS produce cutting-edge technologies, but they are administered and supported by an experienced team of inspection specialists around the world, which expands MISTRAS service range beyond our competitors.

MISTRAS Group provides the following industrial services:

  • Traditional NDT
  • Advanced NDT
  • Structural Monitoring
  • Rope Access Engineering Services

Here at the MISTRAS Rotherham facility we specialise in the following services:

Magnetic Particle Inspection

(MPI) ... read more

Liquid Penetrant Inspection

(LPI) ... read more

Ultrasonic Inspection

(UT) ... read more

Radiographic Inspection

(RT) ... read more

Computed Radiography

(CR) ... read more

Positive Material Identification

(PMI) ... read more

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Hardness Testing

(HT) ... read more

Visual Inspection

(VT) ... read more

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Eddy Current Inspection

(ET) ... read more

Phased Array Inspection

(PA) ... read more

Alternating Current Field Measurement

(ACFM) ... read more

Time of Flight Diffraction

(TOFD) ... read more